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MKB Prefab & FRAMECAD Collaboration

MKB Prefab LLC collaboration with FRAMECAD is revolutionizing construction. The use of cold-formed steel panelization alongside FRAMECAD’s advanced design and automated manufacturing is driving industry progress. This innovative approach sets new benchmarks for speed, precision, and reliability, fundamentally changing industry standards.

Speed & Efficiency: FRAMECAD’s state-of-the-art steel framing process incorporates automation, enabling swift assembly and exact construction. Utilizing pre-engineered components and leading-edge technology speeds up construction schedules, particularly benefiting large-scale projects facing stringent deadlines. This enhancement in efficiency ultimately shortens project durations.

Strength & Durability: The cold-formed steel employed in FRAMECAD construction offers outstanding strength and durability, outperforming conventional wood construction methods. It establishes a sturdy framework capable of enduring harsh weather conditions, seismic events, and various challenges, guaranteeing enduring structural integrity over the long term.

Consistent Quality and Precision: FRAMECAD’s automated process guarantees the meticulous precision of every steel component, eliminating typical issues related to human error and material inconsistencies encountered in wood construction. This meticulous approach ensures stringent quality control standards are maintained throughout the project, resulting in superior outcomes.

Sustainability: Steel, being recyclable, presents an eco-friendly alternative. Opting for steel framing aids in mitigating deforestation and waste generation. Furthermore, steel’s non-combustible nature provides heightened fire resistance compared to wood, thereby bolstering the structure’s safety.

Long-Term Savings: While initial expenses for advanced steel framing might exceed those of wood construction, the enduring advantages far surpass this initial expenditure. The resilience, minimal upkeep needs, and decreased likelihood of problems like warping, rot, or termite damage linked with steel framing translate into considerable financial savings throughout the building’s lifespan.

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