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MKB Construction Receives 2021 Inversion Award

MKB Construction has been recognized as a 2021 Inversion Award winner by Lovitt & Touche. Inversion simply means a reversal in position or relationship. In our use of the word, it describes a management style dedicated to a few core beliefs that help move a company from a “Compliance” driven perspective to becoming “Best in Class” while pursuing quality and excellence in all they do.

The four core beliefs for Inversion are:
CULTURE: Build a culture of excellence and quality, continually aiming to be best in class.
CONTROLS:  Always use the Hierarchy of Controls are vital to accident prevention. They include: Elimination → Substitution → Engineering → Administration → PPE
REDUCE HAZARDS:  Perform tasks only after hazards are reduced as low as reasonably possible, identification leads to elimination.
ZERO ACCIDENTS: This is the ultimate target.

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